A Pictorial History of Oceanographic Submersibles, by J B Sweeney

A Pictorial History of Oceanographic Submersibles
James B Sweeney

The development of the oceanic submersibles from prehistoric times to today is told in hundreds of pictures and superb narrative: from weird Greek, Roman and Persian contraptions for breathing underwater to scientific achievements of the 17th century (including Halley’s bell and Van Drebbel’s ‘submarine’) to the first American submarine (Bushell’s turtle).Innovators and their inventions are paraded including John Holland’s submarines; American, English, German, Russian and Japanese submarines of WW1 and WW2. Atomic class submarines, bathyspheres and saturation habitats are all discussed.

Large format. Hardback with dust jacket in protective cellophane cover. Very good condition.

314 pages
Black and white photographs throughout
224 mm x 285 mm (approx. 9 in x 11.25 in)
1972, Robert Hale and Co, London


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