A World Too Vast, by A McKee

A World Too Vast, The four voyages of Columbus
by Alexander McKee

Alexander McKee, historian, diver and underwater photographer is best known for leading the team of amateur divers (including John Bevan) from the Southsea BSAC who spent 20 years searching for and eventually finding the Mary Rose. John Bevan’s admiration and respect for ‘Mac’ (as he was known to his friends) is reflected in his comprehensive collection of McKee’s books of which this is one.

In 1493, Columbus returned to Spain and was met with wild rejoicing when he reported his discovery of the ‘Indies’. Yet only 7 years later, after his third voyage of exploration, he was stripped of his power and sent home to Genoa in chains. What had happened? In this book McKee examines the man and finds a series of contradictions. In analysing the failings that denied Columbus the glory he sought, McKee nevertheless writes with admiration of his seamanship, daring and persistence.

Hardback with dust jacket. Good condition.
8 pages black and white photographs.
1990, Souvenir Press (First edition)
176 pages, 202mm x 270mm (approx. 8in x 10.5in)


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