Archaeology under Water, ed. K Muckleroy

Archaeology under Water, An atlas of the world’s submerged sites
Editor: Keith Muckleroy

This book surveys the whole field of achievement since George Bass learned to dive in 1960 in order to investigate an ancient wreck off Cape Gelidonya. Armada wrecks, Spanish treasure galleons, ancient merchant ships have all been discovered and explored.

Hard back with dust jacket in cellophane cover.  Very good condition.
Contents include:
Technique and approaches
Mediterranean wreck sites and classical seafaring
European shipwrecks over 3,000 years
Shipwrecks in the wake of Columbus
Structures underwater
Preservation: past, present and future

192 pages
B&W and two-tine images throughout
25 mm x 288 mm (approx. 9 in x 11.25 in)
1980, McGraw Hill Book Company, New York


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