Bitter Sea, by F Warn

Bitter Sea, The real story of Greek Sponge Diving
Faith Warn

Bitter Sea tells the gripping story of the fortunes of sponge diving in Greece. It tells o the wealth and lavish lifestyle brought by the harvest of sponges to a few traders and dealers, the hazardous methods of gathering the sponges and the terrible toll on the menfolk of the Dodecanese, as well as the founding of new communities in America and Australia. Read about the divers and their way of life, customs and folklore and the heart-rending ‘dance’ of the divers afflicted by the bends.

Paperback in as new condition.

114 pages
Black and white photographs throughout
150 mm x 210 mm (approx. 6 in x 8.25 in)
2000, Guardian Angel Press


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