Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist?, edited by Emily Boddy

Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist? quirky questions and fascinating facts about the underwater world
Editor Emily Boddy

Have you ever wondered what really happens in the Bermuda Triangle or where we would live if there was no land left to build on? what about how they film underwater movies or how we find missing aeroplanes underwater? Or even, are werewolves in the Arctic Ocean? From sunken ships, lost treasure, and lake monsters, to ocean rubbish, warships, and whirlpools, this book is packed with factual and fun stories brought to life with colourful illustrations by artist Rachel Hathaway.

Paperback. Mint condition.
A collection of inspirational stories written by members and friends of the Society for Underwater Technology aimed at inspiring 10-13-year-olds to spark their interest in the underwater world.

152 pages
Colour illustrations throughout
170 mm x 240 mm (6.75 in x 9.5 in)
2015, Society for Underwater Technology


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