Casualties of War, by Reg Matthews

Casualties of War, Memories of a Risdon Beazley engineer and diver.
Reg Matthews

From the fly: Casualties of War tells the story of treacherous salvage operations carried out in stormy and hostile seas during the Second World War. Written by Reg Matthews, a skilled seaman, diver and engineer, it plots the course of his war experience and the dangerous situations he had to contend with. Reg’s words act as a testimony to those who fought to keep crucial shipping lines open. Amidst the pain and destruction, he also found humour and hope. Sparsely written, it was not completed before the author died. A worthwhile first hand account of diving wartime salvage.

Large format . Hardback with dust jacket in cellophanes wrapper. As new condition.

131 pages
B&W photographs
160 mm x 238 mm (approx. 6.25 in x 9.25 in)
2008, self published (


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