Diving for Treasure, C Blair

Diving for Treasure
Clay Blair

Clay Blair, amateur diver and Robert Marx, one of America’s best known divers, located a wreck off the Yucatan coast in Mexico. After a find of coral-encrusted relics same to the surface they realised that they had discovered an historically important wreck. It was not a treasure galleon but one of the richest merchant shipwrecks in the Caribbean. Buckles, medals, beads, crucifixes, bottles plates and silver items were recovered. It was an exciting adventure – an authentic tale of exploration and research.

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane cover. Dust jacket rubbed at the edges, especially the top and bottom of the spine. Inside pages in very good condition.

240 pages
8 pages of black and white photographs
138 mm x 204 mm (5.5 in x 8 in)
1961, Arthur Barker Ltd, London


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