Hell on Ice, by E Ellsberg

Hell on Ice, The story of the ‘Jeanette’
Commander Edwards Ellsberg
First edition

In 1879 USS Jeanette undertook a Polar expedition but became trapped in ice and drifted for almost 2 years. The ship and her crew were released from the ice, trapped again and the vessel was crushed and sank 350 miles north of the Siberian coast. 8 men were lost while sailing towards land in a small cutter.The remaining crew reached Siberia but another 12 (including the Captain) perished. 13 men found help and were rescued. In 1882 an expedition returned and found the bodies of the Capt and his 11 companions. This is their story.

Hardback with dust jacket in good condition. Spine of dust jacket faded. ┬žLibrary cataloguing sticker on spine.

421 pages
No illustrations
155 mm x 220 mm (6 in x 8.75 in)
1938, Dodd, Mead & Co, NY


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