Into the Lion’s Mouth, by Michael Smart

Into the Lion’s Mouth is the true story of the most notorious ‘lost bell’ diving accident in North Sea history.
It relates the story of two divers, Richard Walker and Skip Guiel, and their entry into the little-known world of saturation diving, how they came to be trapped on the bottom of the sea, the dramatic rescue bid to save their lives, why it failed, and the nearly decade-long struggle by the relatives to achieve justice for their deaths. Written by former deep-sea diver Michael Smart, this book is the culmination of eight years of research to uncover the truth behind the dual fatality. The uncomfortable conclusion is that the deaths of these two young men were the result of a cascade of failures and criminal negligence which culminated in one of the most dreadful diving scenarios imaginable.“Because this accident was so preventable, it punctuates the importance that this story must be read and passed on to every commercial dive school student, tender and journeyman diver who either wishes to make a career, or continue working in the diving industry.”
Tom Belcher, President, Underwater Resources, Inc.

153 mm x 229 mm (6 in x 9 in)
445pp with endnotes, bibliography and index.
43 colour photos & 35 halftone photos & line illustrations.
Published 2011


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