Lerwick Harbour, by J R Nicholson

Lerwick Harbour
James R Nicholson

The history of Lerwick Harbour is the histroy of the northern North Sea. Long before the days of British naval supremacy hundreds of Dutch herring busses used to congregate in Bressay School each summer and as a result of their activities the town of Lerwick was founded almost 400 years ago. Int he years that followed a steady stream of vessels passed through the harbour – warships, whalers and sealers, and herring sailers. It is a complete history from Viking times to the age of North Sea oil.

Hardback in very good condition. Small tears to the top edge of the dust jacket. Cellophane cover. Inside front endpaper inscribed, ‘With compliments, Lindsay Aitken. 1/12/81’

212 pages
Black and white photographs
148 mm x 225 mm (approx. 5.75 in x 9 in)
1976, Lerwick Harbour Trust


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