Mellem Blaeksprutter og Rokker, by H Hass

Mellem Blaeksprutter og Rokker (Among Octopus and Stingrays) 
by Hans Hass
Danish language edition

Hans Hass, Austrian biologist and diving pioneer, was known mainly for being among the first scientists to popularise coral reefs, stingrays and sharks. He pioneered the making of documentaries filmed underwater and assisted in the development of an underwater camera and a type of rebreather. He wrote 25 books and received dozens of international awards. In this book Hass relates the adventurous experiences of three Austrian students in the Aegean Sea.

Paperback in cellophane cover. Used condition. Watermarks along spine and edge of back cover. Blue smudges to bottom of back cover. Rough cut pages of varying sizes (as published) in good condition. John Bevan bookplate on verso of Title page.

Black and white photographs interspersed throughout.
1950, C A Reitzels Forlag, Copenhagen (First edition)
264 pages, 180mm x 250mm (approx. 7in x 10in)


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