Modern Adventures Under the Sea, P Pringle

Modern Adventures Under the Sea
Patrick Pringle

In this book are many engrossing accounts on man’s struggle with life and death and the unknown. The author tells of brave adventurers, some heroic, some foolhardy, who have invented and tried new devices to go deeper and deeper under the surface of the sea – to stay longer and longer. In war, men with incredible courage have dived through mine-infested waters to destroy enemy vessels and at great personal risk have attempted the recovery of sunken treasure. The wish to extend scientific knowledge and the pure joy of pitting his strength against the elements has beckoned man ever downward to explore the world under the seas.

Hardback with dust jacket. Dust jacket in poor condition: pieces missing from top edge. Pages slightly yellowed around the edges but otherwise in very good condition.

240 pages.
Black and white photographs.
145 mm x 215 mm (approx. 5.75 in x 8.5 in)
1960, Geo. G Harrap & Co Ltd, London


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