Papa Topside, by G F Bond

Papa Topside, The Sealab chronicles of Capt. George F Bond, USN
by Captain George F Bond
ed. Helen A Siiteri

A pioneer in the field of deep sea diving, George F Bond helped develop the theory of saturation diving and the techniques and dive tables used by divers. In this edited journal Bond offers a lively account of his work with the US Navy Aquanauts on the Sealab experiments of the 1960s. It is a candid, personal record of Sealabs I, II and II and the FISSH experiment (1970s) – the finale of Bond’s career. Frank and to the point, he describes his frustrations with the Navy brass, his friendly competition with Jacques Cousteau, and his spirited relationship with aquanaut/astronaut Scott.

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane cover. Very good condition. John Bevan book plate on front endpaper.

Black and white photographs.
1993, Naval Institute Press, USA
272 pages, 135mm x 216mm (approx. 5.25in x 8.5in)


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