Pictorial History of the Russian War, 1854-5-6, by W & R Chambers

Chambers’ Pictorial History of the Russian War, 1854-5-6
W & R Chambers

Hardback. Maroon with gilt lettering and motifs. Cover marked (stained?) and top and bottom of spine torn and pieces missing. Foxing on most pages. Last 30 or so pages damp-stained at top inside edge of pages.

Circumstances which led to the war
Campaign on the Danube in 1853-4
Alliance of the Western Powers with turkey
Commencement of hostilities by the Allies in 1854
Hostilities on the Turkish frontiers in 1853-4
Naval operations in the north in 1854
Campaign in the Crimea in 1854
Winter at Sebastopol and Scutari, 1854-5
Diplomacy from the declaration of war to the Vienna Conferences
Preparations for the campaign of 1855
Sebastopol: The siege to the fall of the Malakoff
Campaigns subordinate to the siege in 1855
Naval operations in the North in 1855
A second winter in the Crimea
Diplomacy – Vienna Conferences to the peace

584 pages
Black and white illustrations throughout
195 mm x 270 mm (7.5 in x 10.5 in)
1856, W & R Chambers, Edinburgh and London



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