Raising the Hunley, by B Hicks and S Kropf

Raising the Hunley, the remarkable history and recovery of the lost confederate submarine
Brian Hicks and Schumer Kropf

The history of the confederate submarine¬† H L Hunley is as astonishing as its disappearance and subsequent recovery. In 1864, after an encounter with a Union battleship, the iron ‘fish-boat’ vanished without a trace somewhere ff the coast of South Carolina. for more than a century the fate of the Hunley remained on of the gret unsolved mysteries of the Civil War. Then, in August 2000, the Hunley was raised and towed ashore. The authors offer insights into the Hunley’s final hours and recount the amazing true story of its recovery.

Paperback. As new condition.

301 pages
Black and white photographs and 8-page section of colour photographs.
140 mm x 210 mm (5.5 in x8.25 in)
2002, Ballantine Books, NY


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