Royal George memorabilia – Cane (or Cosh?)

HMS Royal George sank off Spithead in 1782. It was one of the most calamitous accidents in British maritime history. At least 800 people lost their lives. Most of the cannon and some of her timbers were salvaged before the wreck was blown up to clear the access to Portsmouth Harbour. Much of the salvaged goods were re-purposed. Some of the cannons were melted down to form the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. Relics from the ship also became popular and ranged from coins and snuff boxes to long case clocks and treen.

Short wooden cane made from the salvaged timber of HMS Royal Oak with an engraved heavy brass fob.
The top of the fob has an engraving of the Royal George and the banded collar is inscribed with ‘Part of the Royal George Sunk 1782 Raised 1840’.
There is a hole about 12cm (4.5in) from the top which may have been made to allow the stick to have been hung from a belt (or for display purposes). The shaft appears to have split at some stage to about 16cm (7 in) from the bottom end; it has been pinned together with a copper nail the head of which can be seen about 12cm (5 in) from the end.

46 cm x 3c m tapering to 1.5 cm
18 in x 1.25 in tapering to 0.6 in)

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