Ships, Cargoes and the East India Trade, ed. V Fenwick and M Redknapp

Ships, Cargoes and the East India Trade. The English East India Company and its competitors.
edited by Valerie Fenwick and Mark Redknap

The English East India Company – the historical perspective, by J Sutton
Shipwrecks of the Honourable East India Company around the world, by R Larn
The archives of the English East India Company, by A J Farrington
Small arms of the English East India Company, by D F Harding
Guns carried on the East Indiamen, 1600–1800, by R Rhynas Brown
The Albion and the Hindustan: the fate of two outward bound East Indiamen, by M Redknap
The Griffin, an English East Indiaman lost in the Philippines in 1761, by C Daggett, E Jay and F Osada
The hulk, Jhelum: a derivative expression of late British Indiamen shipbuilding, by M Bound
Integrating archaeological and historical records in Dutch East India Company research, by J B Kist
The Amsterdam project, by J H G Gawronski
The wreck of an experimental ship of the ‘Oost-Indische Companie’: the Mauritius (1609), by M L’Hour, L Long and E Reith
An 18th century French East Indiaman: the Prince de Conty (1746), by M L’Hour and F Richez
Leaden seals – evidence for EIC trade in textiles, by G Egan

Paperback. Very good condition although the spine is faded.

92 pages. Black and white illustrations throughout.
176 mm x 250mm (approx. 9 in x 10 in)
1990, Nautical archaeology Society, London


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