Stars Beneath the Sea, by T Norton

Stars Beneath the Sea, The extraordinary lives of the pioneers of diving
Trevor Norton

This is the story of some of the brave, brilliant and sometimes barmy men who ‘invented’ diving. A series of beautifully written portraits  of eccentric pioneers: Guy Gilpatric who held a world record when only 16, wrote a film for Humphrey Bogart, invented snorkelling and loved his wife enough to shoot her. Roy Miner wore a bucket over his head and stole a coral reef. William Beebe wearied of fishing with dynamite and wrestling deadly snakes so he sealed himself in a metal coffin in which he dangled himself a mile beneath the surface of the ocean, and many more. Amongst the many divers who are discussed are Henry Milne Edwards, John Haldane, Hans Hass, Cam Wright, Louis Boutan, Fréderic Dumas, and Peter Throckmorton.

Hardback with dust jacket in as new condition. First edition.

282 pages
Black and white illustrations and photographs
140 mm x 224 mm (5.5 in x 8.75 in)
1999, Century


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