Submarine Engineering, by Sydney F Walker

Submarine Engineering all about work underwater diving, submarines, torpedoes, cables signalling, dredging, etc.
Sydney F Walker, RN
Part of the ‘How Does it Work’ series, No.8

Paperback in worn condition. Cover of spine eroded and cover held in place with white paper tape. Many pages loose (but most held in place with acid-free archival tape). Pages yellowed and fragile: Half title page and last 7 pages half corners missing.

Contents include:
Work under water (The Diver, diving dress, helmet, dangers of diving, work done by divers, diving bell)
The Submarine (How the submarine is guided, discharging torpedoes, armament, communications, life-saving apparatus, dangers of the submarine)
The Torpedo
Submarine cables
Working under the beds of rivers, arms of the sea
Repairing ships underwater
Submarine signalling
Lighting underwater
Compressed air and its uses
Sounding apparatus

127 pages
B&w photographic plates and drawings
125 mm x185 mm (5 in x 7.25 in)
1914, C Arthur Pearson Ltd, London


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