Submersibles and Their Use in Oceanography and Ocean Engineering, editor R A Geyer

Submersibles and Their Use in Oceanography and Ocean Engineering
edited by Richard A Geyer

Rationale for submersibles
Unmanned submersibles
Unique roles and history of manned and unmanned submersibles in oceanography
Manned and remotely operated submersible systems – a comparison
The role of submersibles in a university
Reconnaissance of reefs and fishing banks of the Texas continental shelf
The role of manned submersibles in sedimentological and faunal investigations on the UK continental shelf
Submarine geology from submersibles
The submersible – a unique tool for marine geology
UK experience of the use of submersibles in the geological survey of continental shelves
Submersibles – geological tools in the study of submarine canyons
Use of submersible in the construction of submarine pipelines
The use of manned submersibles in the study of coena waste disposal
The Asherah – a pioneer in search of the past
Summary of characteristics, status and use of undersea vehicles worldwide

383 pages
B&W photographs and illustrations
175 mm x 248 mm (6.75 in x 9.75 in)
1977, Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company


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