The Beachmen, by David Higgins

The Beachmen, The story of the salvagers of the East Anglian coast
David Higgins

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane cover. Endpaper maps. Excellent condition.

An account of the men who made a business of salvaging goods and vessels from the treacherous sandbanks off the East Anglian coast and at the same time performed numerous feats of extreme gallantry saving life. The beachmen are best remembered as the men who manned the Norfolk and Suffolk lifeboats and were justly regarded as heroes.

Contents include:
Formation of the Beach Companies; The Town and Village Companies; Beach Company organisation; The work of the Beachmenr; The Salvage Courts; Life and Death; Twilight and Darkness

270 pages
B&W photographs and illustrations
182 mm x 232 mm (approx. 7 in x 9 in)
1987, Terence Dalton Ltd, Lavenham, Suffolk


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