The Coal Scuttle Brigade, by A McKee

The Coal Scuttle Brigade
Alexander McKee

Twice every seven days the convoys of slow, rugged colliers passed through the most bitterly contested waterway of the war. Attack was certain.: from the French coast, heavy shore batteries would open up; Stukkas would stalk them, streaming down from above the cliffs; on the edge of the swept Channel, E-boats would lie in ambush and in a few seconds the night would erupt into a chaos of gunfire, tracers and torpedo explosions. This is a magnificent, true story of those heroic convoys of ships which formed the Coal Scuttle Brigade.

Paperback in fairly good condition. Front cover creased down the centre and small tear (repaired) at the bottom of the back cover. Inside pages yellowed but in good condition.

252 pages
No illustrations
107 mm x 162 mm (approx4.25 in x 6.25 in)
1958, Corgi Book, Transworld Publishers London


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