The Devil’s Device, E Gray

The Devil’s Device, the story of the invention of the torpedo
Edwyn Gray

Without the torpedo the submarine would have little military value. It’s creator, a little known engineer, Robert Whitehead, exerted more influence over the tactics of naval warfare and the design of warships than any naval architect or admiral. Edwyn Gray, a noted naval historian relates the story of Robert Whitehead’s life and the development of the torpedo from its birth to its place today. A hard-working engineer from Bolton-le-Moors he was a self-made millionaire with extravagant and eccentric tastes, he gave the world’s admirals a weapon he fondly believed would make warfare at sea something too terrible to contemplate.

Hardback with dust jacket in protective cellophane cover. White dust jacket marked with general wear; there is a blotch on the bottom of the front cover and on the side of the last 8 pages and inside back cover. Otherwise in very good condition.

253 pages
8 pages of black and white photographs
142 mm x 223 mm (approx.. 5.5 in x 9 in)
1975, Book Club Edition
Purnell Book Services, London


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