The Fleet that had to Die, by R Hough

The Fleet that had to Die
Richard Hough

In 1904 the Tsar ordered the Russian Fleet to seek out and destroy the Japanese Navy. The Fleet consisted of about 50 outdated men-of-war, ill-equipped, badly manned, incompetently officered. They had to sail halfway round the world to engage the armed might of the Japanese Navy under the formidable Admiral Togo. It was a suicidal venture, doomed to disaster from the start. A voyage that went from catastrophe to catastrophe and then ended in bloody and final disaster at the Battle of Tsu-shima.

Paperback in very good condition. Slight crease on front cover. Inside pages yellowed but in good condition.

192 pages
1 b&w map
110 mm x 180 mm (4.25 in x 7 in)
1971, New English Library


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