The Garrett Enigma, by P Bowers

The Garrett Enigma and the early submarine pioneers
Paul Bowers

Towards the end of the 19th century the world’s major navies started to give serious consideration to a new form of vessel – the submarine. The French were ahead of the game at the time, however there had been no shortage of inventiveness in Britain. Perhaps the best known British inventor was George William Garrett who designed and built a a steam-driven submarine in 1879 and later helped to build others. He has sometimes been referred to as the Father of the British Submarine. this book is an account of Garrett’s work and the work of other early submarine pioneers.

Hardback with dust jacket. As new condition.

224 pages
Black and white line drawings and photographs
195 mm x 252 mm (7.75 in x 10 in)
1999, Airlife Publishing



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