The Golden Wreck, by A McKee

The Golden Wreck, The Most Disastrous Shipwreck in Welsh History
by Alexander McKee

Alexander McKee, diver and military historian, is widely known as the man who lead the team of amateur divers (one of whom was John Bevan) in the discovery of the wreck of Henry VII’s flagship, Mary Rose. John’s admiration and respect for ‘Mac’ (as McKee was known by his friends) is reflected in his comprehensive collection of McKee’s books. This is one from John’s private collection.

In 1859 the Royal Charter was returning to England from Australia carrying passengers who were mainly miners from the Australian Gold Rush and £370,000 in gold bullion. The vessel was wrecked off the coast of Anglesey during a ferocious storm. Horrifying stories followed of villagers searching the mutilated bodies of victims for gold. McKee relates the story from hurricane to court case and ends by diving on the wreck.

Paperback in well-used condition.
Edges of cover rubbed, creased and scuffed. Inside back cover inscribed with the letters ‘JC’.
Inside pages yellowed and some with blotches/speckles.
One black and white drawing only
1977, Souvenir Press, London
192 pages, 110mm x 180mm (approx. 4.25in x 7in)


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