The Race for the Rhine Bridges, by A McKee

The Race for the Rhine Bridges
by Alexander McKee

Alexander McKee, historian, diver and underwater photographer is best known for leading the team of amateur divers (including John Bevan) from the Southsea BSAC who spent 20 years searching for and eventually finding the Mary Rose. John Bevan’s admiration and respect for ‘Mac’ (as he was known to his friends) is reflected in his comprehensive collection of McKee’s books of which this is one.

During WW2 there were three great Rhine campaigns the last of which was the Allies’ final push for victory and the German’s last hope of resistance. As the Germans retreated the inevitable order came to blow up the bridges behind them. Any officer who refused, or who blew up a bridge too early, was ordered to be shot. McKee relates this last bitter fight from the point of view of a participant (which he was) but also encompasses the many viewpoints of all the major forces involved.

Hardback with dust jacket in protective cellophane cover.
Dust jacket in fair/good condition. Corners slightly rubbed and both ends of the spine rubbed. Top corner of front fly leaf has been cut off. Inside pages in good condition.
16 pages of black and white photographs + black and white illustrations
1971, Stein and Day, New York (first edition)
490 pages, 150mm x 223mm (approx. 6in x 8.75in)


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