The SAA Buhlmann Deep-stop System Handbook, by Bob Cole

The SAA Buhlmann Deep-stop System Handbook
Bob Cole

This book is part of the SAA (sub Aqua Associates) decompression training programme. The intricacies of the SAA Buhlmann DeeP-Stop System is explained in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand. The SAA operates through the ‘Club System’ where the instructors act as mentors to the trainee divers. It is for the trainees to complete the answers to the questions as the course progresses and then discuss their answers with the Instructor who will give any necessary help and advice.

Paperback in excellent condition. First page is inscribed, ‘To John with best wishes, Kind regards, Bob Cole’.
Includes a Plastic diver planner and decompression tables.

90 pages
B&W and colour illustrations
150 mm x 210 mm (6 in x 8.25 in)
2008, Sub Aqua Association



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