The Sea of Lost Opportunity, by N J Smith

The Sea of Lost Opportunity. North Sea oil and gas, British industry and the Offshore Supplies Office.
Handbook of Petroleum Exploration and Production, Vol. 7
by Norman J Smith

British industry never reaped the full benefit of the North Sea oil and gas discoveries, notwithstanding government support through the Offshore Supplies Office. This book explains why and is thus a contribution to the history of perhaps the most important stage of UK technical and economic development since the Second World War. Based in large measure upon archives not previously accessed and the private testimony of participants. Drills down to the level of the individual company decisions through case study and other material. Concludes with a UK energy scene update addressing the industrial implications of the drive to decarbonised electricity production through offshore wind and nuclear generation.

Hardback with printed laminated cover. As new condition.

306 pages. Some black and white photographs and many tables
157 mm x 237mm (approx. 6.25 in x 9.25 in)
First Edition, 2011, Elsevier BV


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