The Secret Capture, by S W Roskill, RN

The Secret Capture
Capt. S W Roskill, RN

On 2nd May 1941 a convoy of 38 merchant ships sailed from Liverpool. At first the voyage seemed likely to follow the common pattern of those days – attacks and counter attacks by the hard-pressed escort vessels. But a week later there took place an incident that George VI described as perhaps the most important accomplishment in the whole war at sea. The convoy escorts blew U.110 to the surface with depth charges, her crew abandoned ship and British seamen then boarded her s quickly that they not only captured her intact, but the German survivors had no idea that they had done so. For 18 years not a word was breathed about it; not even our American Allies were informed. But in this book Capt Roskill (with permission of the Admiralty) gives an account of all the other submarine captures of the war and then describes this extraordinary event.

Hardback with dust jacket. Very good condition. Very slight rubbing to edges of dust jacket ad small tear to bottom of spine. Inside pages yellowed and foxing to outer edges of pages and endpapers.

161 pages
Black and white photographs and illustrations
145 mm x 216 mm (approx. 5.75 in x 8 in)
1959 (2nd printing) Collins, London


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