The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 103, 1949

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 103, 1949
Issue Numbers: 612 – 617, April – September 1949

6 issues. Stapled paperback booklets in worn condition. Spines worn to greater or lesser extent; staples rusty in some cases. colour covers; b&W interiors.
614: small scuff at top edge of cover.
616: Small stain on cover just under title.

Contents include:
The river of diamonds, by P Coates
The hunting of Hamad Zawata, by E P Horne
Wildlife in Amazonia, by Willard Price
River of Death, by A H Vernon
On the glacier, by Elsie K Morton
The Naga head hunters of Assam, by J Dove,
Our trip to the buffalo country, by Victor C Hall
Modern miracles in China, by A Grenfeld
Through the Iron Curtain, by R J Hunt
Wolf-hunting in Finland, by G V Kuss
The lion men of Ussure, by Capt W Hichens

Colour cover; B&W interior
Issues 612–615: 165 mm x 227 mm (approx. 6.5 in x 9 in)
Issue: 616–617: 165 mm x 250 mm  (approx. 6.5 in x 9.75 in)
1949, George Newnes Ltd, London


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