The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 49, 1922

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 49, 1922
Issue numbers: 289 to 294, April to September 1922

Stapled paperback booklets in worn condition. All have small marks or creases on the cover. Staples are rusted and have stained pages, in some cases worn right through the pages.

Contents include:
My jiu-jitsu combats, by H J Shepstone
A film-hunter on the Amazon, by Prof P de Mello Saraiva
Roy Gardner – bandit extraordinary, by Kenneth F Richards
Exploring the Salton Sea, by H C Scherer
Shipwrecked in Bering Sea, by James King
Trailing the gun runners, by A Hyatt Verrill
Across remote Yunnan, by Capt F Kingdom Ward
With a camera in Portugal, by A W Culler
Through the East by air, by Richard Carline
The mutiny of the Athol, by Rodney Thane
Knocking at the Cannibals’ door, by Merlin Moore Taylor
The ship that disappeared, by Harwood Steele
Five thousand miles on foot in Central Africa, by R Pound

Colour cover; b&w interior
168 mm x 248 mm (approx. 6.75 in x 9.75 in)
1949/50, George Newnes Ltd, London.


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