The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 55, 1925

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 55, 1925
Issue numbers: 325 to 330, April to September 1925

Stapled paperback booklets in very worn condition. The covers are soft, creased and the spine rubbed away on several copies. The staples have rusted through, stained the pages and loosened the pages on some of the issues. Small tears repaired) to the covers and small piece missing from back cover of issue No. 330.

Contents include:
Wild tribes of the Amazon, by Domville-Fife
A South African bushranger, by Joan Dennis
From the great craters to the Comgo game-lands, by T Alexander Barns
Down the shaft, by W Charnley
Chasing the Pulajans, by Major Crockett
Life in a logging camp, by Sir Charles Piers
Two years in Borneo, by Oscar Cook
Forbidden Nepal, by Hugh Walker
Hunting the giant crocodiles of the Bayano, by F A Mitchell-Hedges
My search for the King’s treasure, by Olive Lethbridge
The woman in unknown Morocco, by F S Stuart
Lost in the heart of Peru, by G M Dyott
A bird hunter in the wild, by G L Bates and R Pound
In search of the lost oases, by A S Hassenein Bey

Colour covers;  B&W inside pages
170 mm x 225 mm (approx. 6.75 in x 9 in)
1925, George Newnes Ltd, London.


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