The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 57, 1926

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 57
Issue numbers: 337-342, April – September 1926

Stapled paperback magazines in worn condition. In most cases the staples have rusted through the paper, loosening and staining pages.

Contents include:
A pearler in the Philippines, by Burdett and Bailey
Across Africa with a camera, by M A Wetherell
The rubber smugglers of Malaya, by R P Hunter
Behind the Himalayas, by Capt. Kingdon-Ward
Among the Amazons, by A Hyatt Verrill
The Mozampur dacoity, by Capt B Johnson
Through the inner deserts of Arabia, by Countess Malmignati
The elephant poacher’s odyssey, by Capt A Parsons
Cave hunting in New Mexico, by Carl B Livingston
Witchcraft in the south sea islands, by A Grimble
Across North America in a motor boar, by J E Hogg
Adrift on the Arctic ice, by Kai R Dahl

340: No back cover.
341: Scribble on front cover
342: Back page torn at edge (repaired with archival tape)

Colour cover; b&w interiors
248 mm x 166 mm  x 248 mm 6.6 in x 9.75 in)
!926, George Newnes Ltd, London


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