The Wreck Detectives, by K McDonald

The Wreck Detectives
Kendall McDonald

More ships have sunk around the coasts of Britain than anywhere else in the world, many lost and sometimes forgotten. The growth of sport diving led to many of these being discovered. This book tells the incredible stories of the men who seek these sunken ships in the deep waters – the wreck detectives. The story of each ship is told – how, when, where and why it sank – and what the divers found when the shipwreck was discovered. As well as telling exciting tales of exploration, the book includes extracts from records of old courts martial and inquiry.

Hardback with dust jacket in very good condition.

392 pages
Black and white photographs and illustrations
145 mm x 222 mm ( 5.75 in x 9 in )
1972, Harrap, London


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