Tirpitz, by D Woodward

David Woodward

The 42,000 on German battleship Tirpitz was the biggest warship in the Western Hemisphere and her influence on the war was immense. The Btritish did not dare leave her alone for fear that she would break out into the Atlantic and repeat the terrible havoc of her sister ship, Bismarck. First came the torpedo bombers, then the RAF, then the frogmen, midget submarines and planes from six aircraft carriers. Yet still Tirpitz survived and it was not until the RAF had carried out three attacks with 10,000 bombs that she finally, but slowly turned over taking the lives of all but 70 of her crew.

Paperback in very good condition. Pages yellowed but in very good condition. Top of first page inscribed ‘Mick T’ in red ink.

173 pages
No illustrations
110 mm x 178 mm (approx. 4.25 in x 7 in)
1974, New English Library


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