Treasure Diving Holidays, J & B Crile

Treasure Diving Holidays, The adventures of a family under the sea
Jane and Barney Crile

Diving adventures from the early days of scuba diving.
Jane and Barney Crile’s undersea adventures started in a bathtub where they practised holding their breath underwater. They made their own diving helmet in which they almost drowned; then they tried ‘skin diving’ and when their children were old enough, they joined them on underwater family adventure holidays. Eventually they caught gold fever; their treasures were not just gold but ivory tusks from a slave ship, cannon from a British man-of-war, feeding bowls, fragments of Delftware, bottles, muskets and even a Queen Anne teapot. Dr Crile was an American surgeon; his wife a  pilot and keen fisherwoman; they were parents to four children.

Hardback with dust jacket. Dust jacket in poor condition: rubbed, creased and pieces missing. Inside pages, however, in very good condition

256 pages
Black and white and colour photographs throughout.
150 mm x 217 mm (approx. 6 in x 8.5 in)
1954, Collins, London


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