Treasure Hunt, by P Earle

Treasure Hunt
Peter Earle

Treasure Hunt is the story of a national obsession. Dreams of Spanish treasure from the bottom of the sea have been a part of the English psyche since long before effective diving equipment was invented. The story begins to gain momentum with the recovery of nearly 40 tins of silver and gold from the Concepion by Capt William Phips. His divers were naked, breath-hold divers –the impossible had been shown to be possible. In the following years there was a boom in the invention of crude and often dangerous diving equipment. Treasure hunting eventually became a professional occupation with a new breed of salvage diver emerging. In the 1830s a diving suit was being produced that we would recognise today. And this is where the story comes to an end.

Hardback with dust jacket in excellent condition.
Title page inscribed, ‘For John Bevan with best wishes and many thanks for your help. Peter Earle’. John Bevan bookplatee on the opposite page.

383 pages
8 pages of black and white photographs
160 mm x 240 mm (6.25 in x 9.5 in)
2007, Methuen


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