Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, ed. Gwyn Griffiths

The Technology and Applications of  Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Editor: Gwyn Griffiths

Hardback in as new condition.

Distributed hardware-in-the-loop simulation for unmanned underwater vehicle development – issues and applications
Power sources for unmanned underwater vehicles
Autonomous buoyancy-driven underwater gliders
Solar powered AUVs
Advanced materials and thief influence on the structural design of AUVs
Docking systems
Propulsion systems for AUVs
Multidisciplinary ocean science applications of an AUV: The autosub sceince missions programme
Defence applications for unmanned underwater vehicles
Detailed seabed surveys with AUVs
AUVs for surveys in complex environments
Cargo carrying AUVs
Semi-submersible AUVs
AUV sensors for marine research
Logistics, risks and procedures concerning AUVs
The legal regime governing the operation of AUVs

342 pages
B&W and colour illustrations
178mm x 252 mm (approx. 7 in x 10 in)
2003, Taylor and Francis, London/NY


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