Beyond the Reefs & Shark for Sale, by W Travis (paperback)

Beyond the Reefs and Sharks for Sale
William Travis

Paperback in very poor condition. Spine has been eaten away including the first 47 pages of the book – a finger of paper has been eaten away from the centre of the spine into the margin (no text is lost). Pieces missing from the cover.

Inscribed on the inside front cover, ‘For John Bevan – an ancient and tatty tome from an equally ancient and tatty author. Sincere regards, Bill Travis, 9.VI.97.’  John Bevan bookplate on first page.
Also signed by the author on the title page.

384 pages
A few black and white illustrations.
128 mm x 198 mm (approx. 5 in x 8 in)
1991, Arrow Books Ltd


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