Building Britain’s Wooden Walls, by J E Barnard

Building Britain’s Wooden Walls, The Barnard Dynasty c. 1697–1851
John E Bernard

A history of 4 generations of the Barnard family of shipbuilders from modest beginnings in Ipswich int eh 1740s to their demise on the River Thames in the first quarter of the 19th century. Barnard’s yard in Deptford is where the young Charles Deane worked as a caulker and it was his employer who lodged Deane’s patent for a smoke helmet on Deane’s behalf.
Title page inscribed: ‘John E Barnard 3.11.1997’

Hardback with dust jacket in protective cellophane cover. Very good condition.

110 pages
Black and white illustrations
220 mm x 282 mm (approx. 8.75 in x 11 in)
1997, Anthony Nelson



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