Edmond Halley, Charting the Heavens and the Seas, by A Cook

Edmond Halley, Charting the Heavens and the Seas
Alan Cook

Aunique and highly acclaimed biography of Edmund Halley MA, LLD, FRS, Capt RN, Savillian Professor of Geometry and Astronomer Royal. He was a schoolboy in London while the Great Fire raged. During the time of Scientific Enlightenment, he set the question which led Newton to write the Principia and who edited, paid for and reviewed it. In later years he applied the methods of Principia widely in astronomy and geophysics. He was far from a cloistered academic; as a naval captain he undertook perilous adventures and his prediction of the transit of Venus led to Cook’s voyage to Tahiti.

Hardback with dust jacket in excellent condition. (Note: although the image appears black, the dust jacket is dark green).

540 pages
Black and white illustrations
162 mm x 242 mm (6.5 in x 9.5 in)
1998, Clarendon Press, Oxford


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