Exploring the Lusitania, by Dr R D Ballard

Exploring the Lusitania
Dr Robert D Ballard

From the back cover: On 7 May 1915 a torpedo from a German submarine hit the elegant Cunard liner Lusitania. In less than 20 minutes the ship sank taking the lives of 1,195 people. For 80 years this great maritime tragedy has been shrouded in controversy. Was the Lusitania carrying munitions? was there a second explosion

Ballard’s expedition to explore the wreck searches for clues; this lavishly illustrated account reveals his findings.

Hardback with dust jacket and protective cellophane cover. Pages yellowed around the edges but in otherwise very good condition. P144 is coming loose from the spine.

227 pages
B&W and colour photographs throughout
228 mm x 288 mm (approx. 9 in x 11.5 in)
1995, Madison Publishing Inc, Toronto


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