HMS Bounty, by A McKee

HMS Bounty, A true account of the notorious mutiny
by Alexander McKee

Alexander McKee, historian, diver and underwater photographer is best known for leading the team of amateur divers (including John Bevan) from the Southsea BSAC who spent 20 years searching for and eventually finding the Mary Rose. John Bevan’s admiration and respect for ‘Mac’ (as he was known to his friends) is reflected in his comprehensive collection of McKee’s books of which this is one.

Ever since a group of seamen seized control of HMS Bounty and set the captain and eighteen crew members adrift in an open boat in 1789, the ‘mutiny’ has been the subject of fascinated debate. Was it a well-planned coup? a reaction of Blight’s sadistic cruelty? the rash act of an immature officer? McKee draws on contemporary accounts and statements to provide a detailed analysis of Bligh and his relationship with the crew. He provides is a blow by blow account of the mutiny and the subsequent court martial. This book is still hailed by Bounty experts as one of the best books on the subject.

Hardback with dust jacket in protective cellophane cover. Very good condition.
Inside pages yellowed around the edges.
8 pages of black and white photographs.
1989 Souvenir Press, London
224 pages. 145mm x 223mm (approx. 6in x 9in)


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