Man Beneath the Sea, by Penzias and Goodman

Man Beneath the Sea, A review of underwater ocean engineering
Walter Penzias and M W Goodman
First edition

Hardback with dust jacket. Dust jacket in very poor condition and has been repaired using archival tape. Pocket on inside back cover containing 3 lists of submersibles. John Bevan sticker on front endpaper. Inside pages in good condition.

A technical history of diving
Design concepts for diving systems
Review of diving systems
Manned submersibles
Communications, navigation and sonar
Gas storage, mixing and distribution
Life support systems
Pressure vessels and hatches
Underwater electrical connections and penetrators
Underwater breathing apparatus
Diver dress
Wrenches and robots
Power in a nutshell
The ocean environment
Introduction to the physiology of diving and subsea work
Man in the sea
The Future

831 pages
B&W photos and illustrations
160 mm x 236 mm (approx. 6.25 in x 9.25 in)
1973, Wiley Interscience


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