Progress in Underwater Science, Vol 12, edited by, John W P Leach

Progress in Underwater Science, Vol 12
Editor, John W P Leach

Report of the 20th Symposium of the at the Underwater Association for Scientific Research, Natural History Museum, 14-15th March 1986.

Paperback in excellent condition.

Fitness for hyperbaric exposure
Post-dive syndrome
Chromosome changes in divers
Long term health in divers  – a diver’s view
Long term health hazards in diving
Decompression sickness
Future limitations to ultra deep diving
CO2 – a gas t be taken seriously
Survivability during entrapment in one atmosphere diving systems
Nitrogen narcosis and diver performance
Simulated deep diving and cognitive performance
Predicting target detection distances in visual search tasks under water
A field study of acclimatisation to cold in man during intensive scuba diving
Voice communications in scientific and commercial diving
Impact of sewage discharges on recreational diving in Dublin Bay, Ireland
An overview of information relevant to developing a programme for marine conservation in the UK

251 pages
B&W diagrams and photographs
149 mm x 219 mm (approx. 5.75 in x 8.25 in)
1987, Underwater Association for Scientific Research Ltd, Margate, UK


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