Progress in Underwater Science, Vol 15, edited by Partridge and Rogers

Progress in Underwater Science, Vol 15
Editors: J C Partridge, S I Rogers

Report of the 23rd Symposium of the at the Underwater Association for Scientific Research, Zoological Society, 17th – 18th March 1989

Paperback in excellent condition.

Diving Medicine:
Tc-99m HMPAO and SPET: A new methodology for imaging cerebral perfusion defects following diving casualties
Target organs in decompression sickness
Possible latent neurological damage in divers
Analysis of decompression accidents in amateur divers
Abstracts: Sickle cell diseases as a model for diving related illness; Hyperventilation, fluorocarbons and decompression sickness; Designing new decompression tables for recreational diving – the BSAC ’88 decompression tables
Benthic communities and disturbance in a sublittoral marine environment
Managing multi-species ornamental reef fisheries
Habitat and distribution of gobies in Lough Hyne, S W Ireland
Algal death distributions and long term turbidity changes in the Menai Strait, North Wales
An ecological study of Whirlpool Cliff, Lough Hyne

134 pages
B&W diagrams and photographs
149 mm x 219 mm (approx. 5.75 in x 8.25 in)
1990, Underwater Association for Scientific Research Ltd, Margate, UK


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