Progress in Underwater Science, Vol. 2, edited by Hiscock and Baume

Progress in Underwater Science, Vol 2
Editors: K Hiscock and A D Baume

Report of the 10th Symposium of the at the Underwater Association for Scientific Research, Natural History Museum, 26th – 27th March 1976

Hardback with dust jacket in good condition. Stain to the dust jacket around the top of the spine.

Laboratory and scuba studies on the behaviour of the freshwater crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes (Lereboullet)
Food and habitats of predatory gastropods on coral reefs
The distribution of two closely related species of Tellina (T tenius da Costa and T fabula Gmelin)
A methodology for primary surveys of the shallow sublittoral zone
Marine wildlife conservation
Interpretation of the 1975 Loch Ness pictures
On the use of sonar in Loch Ness searches
Transcription of discussion following papers on the Loch Ness phenomenon
Ancient harbours of Carthage – survey and excavation
Historic wreck sites and their environments
Advanced underwater television and photographic systems
A cheap scuba technique for epifaunal surveying using a small boat
A mini cassette recorder for use by divers underwater

134 pages
B&W diagrams and photographs
162 mm x 238 mm (approx. 6.3 in x 8 in)
1977, Pentech Press, Plymouth


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