Progress in Underwater Science, Vol 5 Editor: H M Platt

Progress in Underwater Science, Vol 5
Editor: H M Platt

Report of the 13th Symposium of the at the Underwater Association for Scientific Research, Natural History Museum, 23rd – 24th March 1979

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Electronics in the service of the diver:
Man versus macine underwater
Physiological monitoring of North Sea divers
Outline of recent pressure research at AMTE
Distortion of auditory localisation underwater (abstract only)
The coordination of diving and shipboard techniques in investigations of carbonate sediment deposition on the west coast of Scotland
The application of electronic devices to studies of the behaviour and physiology of aquatic animals (abstract only)
The preservation of ships and artefacts in shallow water Mediterranean wreck sites
Marine archaeology in Newfoundland – a review
Slatewrecks – industrial archaeology in a new context (abstract only)
The aquatic flora of a Snowdonia lake, Llyn Gwynant
A preliminary study of Loch Obisary – a brackish Hebridean Loch
Microfaunal communities of the sediments off the coast of Lundy
The use of a grid to survey selected biotic and abiotic features of the rocky sublittoral
Spatial interaction in a sublittoral benthic community
Cayman Islands natural resources study
Marine Life of the North Sea oil platforms (abstract only)
Substrate and tidal limitations on the distribution and behaviour of the lobster and edible crab
Geotactic movements following disturbance in the European sea urchin Echinus esculentus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)
Grunts at twilight (abstract only)
Exploitation and pollution in Antarctica – a case history

200 pages
B&W diagrams and photographs
162 mm x 238 mm (approx. 6.3 in x 9.3 in)
1980, Pentech Press, Plymouth


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