Ships and Shipwrecks of the Americas, ed. George F Bass

Ships and Shipwrecks of the Americas
Editor: George F Bass

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane wrapper. Small mark on front endpaper but otherwise in very good condition.

The earliest watercraft from rafts to Viking ships
The voyages of Columbus – the search for his ships
Shipwrecks of Explorers
Basque whalers in the New World – The Red Bay wrecks
Treasure shops of the Spanish Main – the Iberian-American maritime empires
The 13 colonies – English settlers and seafarers
Struggle for a continent – naval battles of the French and Indian wars
Gunboats and warships of the American Revolution
The war of 1812 – battle for the Great Lakes
Steamboats on inland waterways – prime movers of manifest destiny
The Civil War at sea – dawn of an age of iron and engineering
The end of the age of sail – merchant shipping in the 19th century

272 pages
B&W and colour photographs and illustrations
226 mm x 278 mm (approx. 9 in x 11 in)
1988, Thames and Hudson


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